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Othello’s birthday

February 22, 2012

We found him around 5:30 in the morning, Carmen had not expelled the placenta and Othello didn’t know how to suckle so it was worrying, especially when Jillian the vet arrived and said he was what they call a “dummy foal” because he was so late.  However, she milked Carmen, tubed the baby – what a rodeo that was – and after an  hour or so Mike and I had him suckling like a vacuum.  He has been thriving ever since.


Longing for spring

February 22, 2012

The weather here is horrible. It has been – snow, melt, freeze, more snow, melt again, freeze again, snow again – and another nasty snow storm is coming in from the west right now. Grrrr…..

I would love to get the horses into the round pen to work off some of their energy, especially Othello who is being a total brat. However, its too treacherous right now.

Samson became quite the escape artist – jumping the fence into our neighbor’s corral, which was OK until he decided not to jump back and went adventuring. He got out to her front fence (her fencing sucks) pushed that over and went visiting all night. He was busted the next morning munching on a neighbor’s hay pile up the road. Luckily we live on a quiet dead end street so he wasn’t in any danger. Unfortunately for him though we had over a foot of snow that night so were able to trace his adventures up and down the road and back again and into several neighbors’s yards. Bad bad boy. When Mike got him home he had the same look Lucy the Lunatic OESD has when I get back from work and find she’s tipped over the trash. Very guilty. However he is such good buds with his bro we think they will work together very well.

New pics

February 22, 2012


Horses 2011

February 22, 2012

Samson has grown apace and we have continued to work him under harness. He is a gentle soul, but has realized that he is WAY bigger than me so we are working on making him think that what I want him to do is what he wants, so everyone will be happy. He is 18.2 hands though still pretty skinny and probably won’t fill out for another couple of years.

We bred Mama Carmen one more time so we can having a driving partner for Samson. She was AI’d from a Belgian stallion from Wyoming and Othello was born on May 17, 2011. Some drama because he was almost 3 weeks late and had lost his sucking reflex, but some quick thinking and treatment from our wonderful vet Jillian saved his life (because of the awful weather last spring several foals did not survive being born so late) and he is thriving. He is a total brat, beats his brother up all the time, makes his Aunty Tosca’s life miserable though sometimes she takes him to the woodshed. He was still nursing at 9 months but I think Mama has kicked him off for good.

We started working him in the round pen last fall and plan to pony him up with Samson when he’s harnessed so he gets the idea.

I finally took early retirement at 63 and now work very part time so hopefully will have lots more time for the horses. And the garden of course.

Garden 2011

February 21, 2012

So much has gone on here since I last updated the blog – we spent endless hours raising heirloom bedding plants (tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, onions, leeks, shallots , eggplants, broccoli, brussels sprouts) in our indoor garden so when the weather was sort of cooperating we could take them out to the passive solar greenhouse. It worked really well, and we built 6 raised beds around the house where it is more sheltered and had a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers. The big veggie garden out at the edge of the pasture had broccoli, brussels sprouts (Mike will never in his life eat one) and lots and lots of potatoes, leeks, onions, beans and all the rest of the peppers and tomatoes which we didn’t have room for in the raised beds.  We froze lots of broccoli and beans and still have a good store left. I made several gallons of enchilada sauce, and have been using the peppers which turned red and we dried to continue with my Mexican food fetish all winter.  I am experimenting with a new paste tomato this year and hope to have enough to can rather than freeze.

Mike dug a root cellar by the pole barn behind the stables and we are still getting potatoes, carrots and onions from our stash in there. So it has been a worthwhile effort. We hope to be even more self sufficient this year.

Unfortunately after we had finished harvesting and there was still some green stuff left,  Othello started the process of breaking down the fencing around the veggie garden and eventually they all got in and completely trashed it.  First job for the spring is to put in a really hefty wooden post and rail (with electrical accessories) to enclose the garden again.  We kept the deer out, but horses, not so much when we turned off the power.

December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

December 26, 2010

Its been cold and frosty, with lots of fog in the morning. Some days the sun comes out and it is spectacular. Not weather to be outside much though. This is one of several bird feeders right outside the window – we have huge flocks of finches, and have to fill them up every day! They drink out of the heated waterer we have for the horses so are well taken care of around here.

The dogs stay pretty much in, I suppose you could say our house has gone to the dogs….

Just to keep my spirits up I already have onion and shallot seedlings up in our light garden – they need to get started early. And of course the seed catalogs have started arriving so much planning for the spring is in progress.

Our muskrats are keeping small patches around the edges of the pond open but the middle is frozen solid and the horses go for an occasional skate – hopefully they won’t fall through the ice!

Chickens are now in full production mode thanks to keeping warm and we have a long list of “eggie” people so they fly out the door.

Think spring!!

New baby in the spring

December 5, 2010

Since we really want a matched team, and because  Mama Carmen at 10 is way too old and cranky to train to do anything (she will spend the rest of her days just being the boss of the pasture and enjoying life) we decided to breed her one more time.  We chose a Belgian stallion in Casper WY, and bred her on June 1st, so will be expecting a foal some time at the beginning of May.  I am hoping for a girl so our team will be Samson & Deliliah 🙂  (Notice the operatic theme – Carmen, Tosca, Samson….) Whatever, a healthy foal will be a blessing.  Here is a pic of Ben Barielle who is about the same size and conformation as Samson’s sire, so hopefully they will be pretty well matched in size and looks.  After a fortune in vets bills we got the very unromantic process completed, and a couple of weeks later saw a blob on the ultrasound, and now I see her tummy bulging in mysterious ways.  She is also pushing Samson away more so is obviously getting ready for the new baby.  I just hope we don’t have a repeat of the weather last May which was awful, snow, rain and cold, but we don’t want her to give birth out in the pasture again, so will have to shut her in the paddock when it looks like the time is due.


December 5, 2010

Are now laying well and we are able to sell a dozen every couple of days which helps with the chicken feed. They are making the compost bin redundant as well as they love the veggie scraps.  These two are a buff orpington and a black australorp, both chosen for their tolerance of cold weather (pretty much a necessity around here) and their alleged prolific laying capabilities….