Our little bit of paradise in the Helena Valley

Google Maps has kindly published an updated satellite photo so you can see what we have done to our property since we purchased it two years ago.  We took down lots of rotted fencing, recycled what we could, made a shelter for the horses from the north so they are now sheltered from both north and west, and if you zoom in you can see them in the front corral!  This was taken we think in the middle of last summer judging by what was planted in the veggie garden.  Mike’s truck is out there, and the blank spot in the garden is where we had to plant beans THREE TIMES because it rained so much they just rotted.  Since climate change has been really obvious in Montana we are at least six weeks ahead of normal, and we are putting up heavy duty posts and rails with major electrical accessories to keep the drafties out of the garden once and for all.  Mike doubled the size of the greenhouse, and the last screw was barely in before the new part was as full as the original!  We have been selling heirloom tomatoes and peppers like crazy – two weeks at the Farmers Market have been really profitable, and the local health food store is carrying our plants as well.  This all pays for my gardening addiction, and we are hoping for a bumper crop of everything this year.


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