Rezoning battle

As a lot of you know, we were faced with an application to rezone our entire subdivision so that our neighbor across the lane could sell his 25 acres to an evangelical megachurch. So we got busy with petitions and multiple attendances at Planning & Zoning Board and County Commission meetings, and in the end we prevailed and they denied the application.

19 of the 21 property owners (obviously one of the ones not on the petition was the applicant) expressed their desire to keep the zoning, which is rural single family 10 acres or more, intact and we finally prevailed at a Commission meeting last week.

The 270 odd acres in this subdivision which is only a mile north of the new interchange with Interstate 15 would have commercial developers drooling if the zoning was changed, so this was a huge win. YEAH – DEMOCRACY RULES!!

Now we can hope that our little bit of paradise with the horses, deer and wildlife will remain as it is, and anyone trying to do this again will realize the weight of the grass roots will be pitted against them.Image


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