Sunday afternoon

And Carmen is feeling sorry for herself being away from her herd but we do need to get Othello weaned and her to gain weight.

The greenhouse is full of peppers and tomatoes and the broccoli and brussels sprouts which I planted out into coir pots and put on one of the raised beds yesterday, nicely surrounded by Mike with 3′ high plastic to keep the wind off were OMG what DID you do to us.  No worries, brassicas do fine in colder weather and they survived the night just fine.

This weekend we were working on fixing up the veggie garden – the fencing was trashed by you-know-who followed by his compatriots, and have decided that sturdy poles with solid rails and a lot of electricity is the answer, so that will be the next couple of weekends.  In the meantime they are welcome to eat the grass and grass roots in the garden which have been dogging us for the last two years, and then we will get the fencing up to keep them out.

Once spring sprungs around here there is so much to do its not surprising we have no social life 🙂

We spent the afternoon getting the electric tape back into place around the paddock, arena and the front part of the pasture – the solar charger didn’t live up to its expectations the last few months because of the awful overcast weather we had this winter, but now it is working fine and young Sr. Othello is getting a few surprises.

Anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change should come and visit us here in Montana.  We had two sandhill cranes alight in the pasture this morning, several couples of Canada geese, and we have about a dozen mallards on the pond. It rained last night, the sun shone today and you can see the grass growing by the hour.  This is all two months ahead of schedule.  Go figure…..

Now we will be busy every weekend and probably every afternoon.  We have several chickies who are headed for the freezer so that is our task for tomorrow afternoon – love those long evenings.  Then we will get another 15 chickies from the Cackle Hatchery in MO who will arrive in the mail in the early hours of the morning, and start the cycle all over again.  We  have suffered with a serious deterioration in egg laying over the last few  months so look forward to new eggers.

We think we will win our zoning battle – next meeting is next Wednesday at 530 and we have lots of support, so hope it will all go away.

Think SPRING!!!




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