Tosca is just so tolerant

And he knows when to back off. Unfortunately all the horses are losing the tops of their tails to this naughty little boy. Maybe I should brush some bitter apple on the tops of their tails!


2 Responses to “Tosca is just so tolerant”

  1. Maggie Welch Says:

    Tosca is indeed a naughty little boy! But, how can you stay mad at such a cute horse. Bitter Apple? Well, it works for dogs! Who knows maybe it will work for him too. One of the videos attached to your video of Tosca is of the Russian women singing and dancing.It just goes to show you just that it’s never too late to sing and dance. I think your blog is wonderful! I’m too computer illiterate to have one of my own. Perhaps I can get Greg to show me how to do it. I don’t know how you have the time for it with all of your responsibilities.

    Love, Maggie

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