Longing for spring

The weather here is horrible. It has been – snow, melt, freeze, more snow, melt again, freeze again, snow again – and another nasty snow storm is coming in from the west right now. Grrrr…..

I would love to get the horses into the round pen to work off some of their energy, especially Othello who is being a total brat. However, its too treacherous right now.

Samson became quite the escape artist – jumping the fence into our neighbor’s corral, which was OK until he decided not to jump back and went adventuring. He got out to her front fence (her fencing sucks) pushed that over and went visiting all night. He was busted the next morning munching on a neighbor’s hay pile up the road. Luckily we live on a quiet dead end street so he wasn’t in any danger. Unfortunately for him though we had over a foot of snow that night so were able to trace his adventures up and down the road and back again and into several neighbors’s yards. Bad bad boy. When Mike got him home he had the same look Lucy the Lunatic OESD has when I get back from work and find she’s tipped over the trash. Very guilty. However he is such good buds with his bro we think they will work together very well.


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