Horses 2011

Samson has grown apace and we have continued to work him under harness. He is a gentle soul, but has realized that he is WAY bigger than me so we are working on making him think that what I want him to do is what he wants, so everyone will be happy. He is 18.2 hands though still pretty skinny and probably won’t fill out for another couple of years.

We bred Mama Carmen one more time so we can having a driving partner for Samson. She was AI’d from a Belgian stallion from Wyoming and Othello was born on May 17, 2011. Some drama because he was almost 3 weeks late and had lost his sucking reflex, but some quick thinking and treatment from our wonderful vet Jillian saved his life (because of the awful weather last spring several foals did not survive being born so late) and he is thriving. He is a total brat, beats his brother up all the time, makes his Aunty Tosca’s life miserable though sometimes she takes him to the woodshed. He was still nursing at 9 months but I think Mama has kicked him off for good.

We started working him in the round pen last fall and plan to pony him up with Samson when he’s harnessed so he gets the idea.

I finally took early retirement at 63 and now work very part time so hopefully will have lots more time for the horses. And the garden of course.


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