Christmas 2010

Its been cold and frosty, with lots of fog in the morning. Some days the sun comes out and it is spectacular. Not weather to be outside much though. This is one of several bird feeders right outside the window – we have huge flocks of finches, and have to fill them up every day! They drink out of the heated waterer we have for the horses so are well taken care of around here.

The dogs stay pretty much in, I suppose you could say our house has gone to the dogs….

Just to keep my spirits up I already have onion and shallot seedlings up in our light garden – they need to get started early. And of course the seed catalogs have started arriving so much planning for the spring is in progress.

Our muskrats are keeping small patches around the edges of the pond open but the middle is frozen solid and the horses go for an occasional skate – hopefully they won’t fall through the ice!

Chickens are now in full production mode thanks to keeping warm and we have a long list of “eggie” people so they fly out the door.

Think spring!!


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