New baby in the spring

Since we really want a matched team, and because  Mama Carmen at 10 is way too old and cranky to train to do anything (she will spend the rest of her days just being the boss of the pasture and enjoying life) we decided to breed her one more time.  We chose a Belgian stallion in Casper WY, and bred her on June 1st, so will be expecting a foal some time at the beginning of May.  I am hoping for a girl so our team will be Samson & Deliliah 🙂  (Notice the operatic theme – Carmen, Tosca, Samson….) Whatever, a healthy foal will be a blessing.  Here is a pic of Ben Barielle who is about the same size and conformation as Samson’s sire, so hopefully they will be pretty well matched in size and looks.  After a fortune in vets bills we got the very unromantic process completed, and a couple of weeks later saw a blob on the ultrasound, and now I see her tummy bulging in mysterious ways.  She is also pushing Samson away more so is obviously getting ready for the new baby.  I just hope we don’t have a repeat of the weather last May which was awful, snow, rain and cold, but we don’t want her to give birth out in the pasture again, so will have to shut her in the paddock when it looks like the time is due.


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