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I can’t believe here we are again!

November 24, 2010

We went from a very mild November to WINTER!!! New tires, new batteries, feeding three times a day, and today – no water in the morning. Well I don’t get dressed for work without a shower and poor old Mike spent half the day on his tummy under the house putting new heat tape on the pipes.

Being “trailer trash” is no fun. We can’t wait to start building the house in the spring.

Today has hovered around -8F, snow on and off, and we are expecting -20F tonight. Luckily Helena seems to miss the really awful snowstorms which hit the mountains, go north and south and miss us.

We have had the usual mishaps with frozen waterlines, but the sun shone which makes winter in Montana sparkle. We can’t understand why the horses would rather be out in the wind and snow, not snuggling up under the shelters we built this summer. Go figure….


All dressed up for work

November 14, 2010

It took us quite a while to figure out how the harness fits and he was very patient!

Training horses

November 14, 2010

Now all the pressing tasks of summer are done and the horses have woken up from summer stupor and we’ve gotten over 90F days, we are seriously working on training them. Tosca is really easy, all the basic work we did when she was a yearling has stuck and she responds very well.

Samson, who I tend to still see as our little doofus, though he is already over 17 hands, learns remarkably fast. I spend a good deal of time with him in the round pen reinforcing voice commands and he is doing extremely well.

Today we spent almost a hour trying to figure out how to fit him with a driving harness (the instructions sucked) and he was so patient, just stood there hoovering up leaves. He did get a bit spooked when we led him out with the driving bridle which has blinders, but after about 15 minutes he was settling down. He is doing very well ground driving, listening to me and responding to voice commands. This is a good thing as he is going to be huge horse, and having him under control will be essential!

Here I am working him in the round pen and you can see him listening to me, which is a great step forward. For the most part…. Work in progress!