We received our first shipment of 15 day old chicks from (and I am not making this up) the Cackle Hatchery in Missouri, on April 21st. They arrived at 3.12 am, announced by a phone call from Tony at the post office with instructions to pick them up as soon as possible, they were very noisy. So off I went, and when I got back Mike took each of them gently out of the box, welcomed her to Montana, gave her a drink and assured her she would be very happy here. If I hadn’t been half asleep I would have gone for the video camera and recorded this. Unfortunately when the second shipment arrived on July 1st I was just as zonked and forgot to record the same performance.

The first bunch are laying, and the second should be giving eggs in a month or so, so its been three months since we have had to buy eggs.

They are probably the most entertaining animals you could have in your back yard. When I get home from work I open the gate and they come tumbling out talking up a storm and go off into the garden rootling around for goodies. Lucy unfortunately thinks they are sheep and tries to herd them, luckily they pretty much ignore her.

Mike built the Coope de Ville – well insulated and very elegant coop for the first peeps, and then another the same for the second bunch which are Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire Reds and Black Australorps, all of which were chosen for their alleged ability to lay eggs all year long in a cold climate as well as in the summer. We shall see….


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