One of our priorities is to clear the pasture of the russian olive trees that have been allowed to run rampant over the last 15 years and have pretty much taken over the pasture. So today we were out there with the chainsaws, pruners and root killer. I built a double compost bin because I couldn’t stand to burn all the foliage and fruit from the trees, and we started working backwards from the front of the pasture. BOY are there a lot of those little trees, as well as a lot of bigger ones, and lots of deadwood too.  The horses love the foliage and berries and have cleaned off all they could reach, so every time we dropped a tree we had all three of them around stripping the good stuff off. And of course we had to take branches to the two horses next door over the fence too!

Eating trees

Samson chowing down on russian olives


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