In September of 2007 I received an email from the Animali Farm asking for people who could adopt draft mares from a ranch in northern Alberta which had lost its contract for the pregnant mares’ urine, and was intending to send almost two hundred draft mares to auction which would have been certain death for these horses.
We chose Carmen, a 7 year old Belgian mare who was bred to a Belgian stallion, and she arrived at our farm on a Friday at the end of November 2007. We put her in the front corral in the hope that she would acclimatize and meet the other horses over the fence, but she had other intentions and cleared (sort of) a 5′ steel gate, bent it badly, pulled it into the paddock and got herself some cuts and bruises as well. No serious harm to her (gate is pretty bad) and she immediately established herself as boss of the pasture, at that time Tosca, Annie the Mule and a rather bad tempered paint.

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